Thursday, July 26, 2007

Review questions-circulatory system

Give one word for the following:
1. A blood vessel that transports oxygenated blood from lungs to heart.
2. A blood vessel that poured blood into right atrium.
3. Covering of heart.
4. The thinnest blood vessel
5. The cells of blood responsible for clotting of blood.
6. The blood vessel which carry blood back to the heart from lungs
7. The largest artery of the heart.
8. The blood vessels which connect arteries to veins
9. A non nucleated cell present in human blood.
Differentiate between the following:
1. Artery and vein
2. Red blood cell an White blood cell
3. Blood and lymph
Short answer questions
1. What is the meaning of double circulation?
2. Draw the human heart and label its parts.
3. Why is it necessary to separate oxygenated and deoxygenated blood in mammals and birds?
4. How many chambers are there in the heart of (1).an amphibian, (2).mammal, and (3) a fish?
5. Describe the circulatory system in a fish.
6. How do amphibians tolerate mixing of blood?
7. List three differences between an artery and vein.
8. What is lymph? Why it is called extra cellular fluid?
9. Why is lymph important for the body?
10. How is lymph returns back to the blood?
Long answer questions:
1. Explain various types of blood cells.
2. Explain how oxygenated blood from lungs is sent to all parts the body
3. Explain the structure of heart with the help of well labeled diagram.

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