Friday, February 8, 2008


Management of Natural Resources
1. Define the term natural resource.
2. What is meant by the term ‘sustainable development?
3. What are the three R’s to save the environment?
4. Name the project launched to clean Ganga. ? Explain with one example each.
5. What does presence of coli form in water indicate?
6. What is the pH of neutral sample of water?
7. What do you mean by recycle?
8. What do you understand by re use of material?
9. What do you mean by re use? Explain it with example.
10.Name the 4 main of stake holders in the management of forest resources?
11. What is silvi culture? What are its advantages
12.Name the major industries which are based on forest produces?
13.Why should we conserve forest & wild life?
14.What changes would you suggest in your home or in school in order to be environment friendly?
15.How participation of the local people lead to efficient management of forest.
16.Give an account of the 4 stake holders of forest.
17.1. What are the main reasons why human beings are over exploiting the forest?
2.What are the effects of deforestation?
3.Name the different measures taken up for the conversation of forest.
18.Write a short note on Chipko Andolan
19.What is Amrita Devi Bishnoi National Award?
20.Name the major programmes started to replenish forest.
21.Name any 5 sources of water?
22.State the advantages of constructing dams across the river?
23.Explain why despite o good rains, we are not able to meet the demand for water or all the people in our country?
24.What is Ganga Action Plan? When was it implemented?
25.Name the irrigation project in M.P. that resulted in water logging?
26.Describe any three problems associated with construction of dams?
27.What is Narmada Bachao Andolan?
28.Name 2 factors which can be used to find whether river water has been contaminated?
29.What do you mean by rain water harvesting?
30.Name some of the common methods used or rain water harvesting by the rural people?
31.What are the various advantages of the water stored in the ground?
32.Describe the “ Khadin” System of rain water harvesting practiced in Rajasthan?
33.What are Fossils fuels? How are coal and petroleum formed? Why are they should be used judiciously?
34.Write the 4 steps which can be taken to conserve fossils fuel?
35.How do coal and petroleum based fuels affect us and our environment?


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