Saturday, May 10, 2014

Experiments on Seed Germination

Aim: Experimental Set up to show conditions essential for germination.

Materials Required: Beaker/glass, Glass strip/ scale, 3 bean/gram seeds, water

Procedure: Take three dry bean or gram seeds of equal sizes and tie them on a scale of 6’” inches in a line as shown in the figure. Place this strip in a beaker and pour water till the middle bean or gram is half immersed in water. Leave the set up at room temperature. For -4 days and observe.

Observation: You will observe that only the middle seed germinates properly with the shoot and root. The top seed above the water will not germinate at all and the one totally immersed in water will give out only a small radicle.
1.    This is an experimental set up to study conditions essential for germination.
2.     Only the middle seed germinates normally as it gets sufficient water, oxygen and temperature.
3.     The topmost seed does not germinate as it does not get water. It gets only oxygen and temperature.
4.    The lower most seed is immersed in water. It gets enough water and temperature but not enough air. Hence it gives out only a small radicle.


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