Saturday, May 10, 2014

Hypogeal and Epigeal Germination

Aim: To show Epigeal / Hypogeal Germination

Materials Required: Pot with soil, Bean or Gram seeds, water

Procedure :put 5-6 seeds in the soil sprinkle water. Click photographs from initial absorption of water to the seedling's emergence from the ground. Paste  images showing stops of germination  in the file.

Germination is the process by which a plant grows from a smaller seed (or "germ") into a larger, mature plant.
There are two types of germination depending on whether the cotyledons are lifted above ground or remain below ground: epigeal and hypogeal.

Epigeal Germination (Dicots) 
 In epigeal (epi=above) germination, the hypocotyl (hypocotyl is the stem below the cotyledons) pushes the cotyledons above ground. * The cotyledons function as leaves until the true leaves emerge.
* Example - bean, canola Draw diagram in the file

Hypogeal Germination (Dicot) 

 In hypogeal germination, the cotyledons remain below ground.
The epicotyl (stem above the cotyledons) grows and raises the plumule out of the soil.
Example – pea,gram
 Draw this diagram in the file


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